Saturday, September 5, 2009

I love these guys!

Two of my favorite men joined forces on BBC Radio One Friday morning and I missed it!! I had it on my calendar and everything. If you have no idea who the cuties above are let me fill you in. On the right we have Chris Moyles DJ extraordinaire and host of the Chris Moyles show every weekday morning from 6:30-10:00am on BBC radio one. Get yourself to a sirius radio and check him out ASAP!
One the left we have Robbie Williams, or the Robster as those of us who are up close and personal like to call him. If you have never had the treat of hearing Robbie then head on over to itunes and download some deliciousness. Make sure to check out a few videos while you are there. Old school favorite right now would be "Radio"-you can't beat beat satanic cheerleaders. Newer favorite "Sin Sin Sin" yes this man does have a HUGE ego! I can't wait to see his new video "Bodies" in it's entirety. Let me know what you think! Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The chicken or the egg?

As much as I love the blog "More Ways to Waste Time" this photo gave me traumatic second grade flashbacks. In Mrs. Vasquez's 2nd grade class we hatched chicken eggs and learned about how the chicken embryo developed etc. since then I have been unable to eat an egg unless that gelatinous white stringy thing (I'm sure it has a name) has been cooked to the consistency of concrete. When I saw this photo I almost lost it and I re-affirmed why it may be a good idea to avoid eggs altogether.
There is a happy/sad end to the second grade egg project. I got to keep on of the chicks. He was so cute and fluffy and I named him Clampsys. Then he grew up and became the ruler of our back garden, chasing down anyone who dared enter his domain and attacking with both beak and spurs. One day he was gone. My mother's theory was that the next door neighbors put a chicken hit out on him. Who really knows. What I do know is from the age of seven on I took my eggs over hard.