Thursday, June 17, 2010

My fixation on Gaudi

Casa Mila La Pedrera, originally uploaded by vgm8383.

Several years ago Sarah (eldest daughter) and I took a little holiday weekend to Barcelona. The official goal was to brush up on our Spanish. The actual goal became to ingest as much of Antonio Gaudi's world as possible in three days.

If I could crawl inside of anyone's brain for a day, it would be this revolutionary architect. I can't fathom having his vision, let alone actually bringing it to life and leaving it as a gift for those who have come behind him.

Check your expectations at the door and enter a small corner of the world of Gaudi.

Deep breath.....Heaven!

gaudi gaudi gaudi, originally uploaded by Mr. Mark.

How does this get from brain to paper to reality?

Gaudí details.-, originally uploaded by ancama_99(toni).

How did these people get in my house?

and this is where they did the laundry!

Gaudí - Casa Batlló 5, originally uploaded by jordicerda52.

Gaudi's "Casa Batllo" in the dusk

Internal courtyard anyone?

Dragon or house?

Casa Batlló, originally uploaded by MorBCN.

Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló, originally uploaded by MorBCN.

Can you imagine living here?

La Pedrera

~~~~, originally uploaded by Paco CT.

My ultimate apartment fantasy

Do your chimney tops look like this?

Chimney tops, originally uploaded by kitschcafe.

Oh, how I love Gaudi

Spires, originally uploaded by kitschcafe.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Last night Bravo premiered it's newest reality show, Work of Art. Similar to Project Runway and Top Chef in concept, Bravo has gathered a slew of aspiring artist and brought them to a communal studio to compete and see who remains the lone artist standing. 

Personally, I am thrilled to see Bravo go out on a limb and give their creative audience something that doesn't involve screaming housewives (although you know I love them too) lampooning each other. 
We will see how long the Bravo editing crew can control themselves and we begin to see the artists devouring each other to get to the top, in the mean time though I think we have something interesting to watch. Watching an artist's process never fails to fascinate me, and we get a whole studio full of them here.

I would love to name a few favorites right off the bat but I am going to limit it to one in this post (I think you will have to put up with several posts about this show, reader!) 
My hands down favorite right off the bat has to be Mark. I'm not going to lie, I love him because he is from my home town. I don't know him, but I know where he comes from. It's not easy to be an artistic type in a small town. Even a small town in California near the beach. Our town is an agricultural community. Rodeo and country music are huge. Cowboy boots are seen just as much as flip flops and china flats. It is a so nice to see someone from home get this kind of national exposure. I'm rooting for you Mark! Make Santa Maria proud.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Out of Illness, Inspiration.

Having been home sick the past few days has given me a chance to catch up on my netflix que and my Amazon rentals.

I was blown away by the documentary 'Beautiful Losers' an account of a group of post punk era artists who came into their own together during the early 90's. The film follows them from their skateboarding, flophouse, New York and California roots to the counter culture art leaders they are today.

 I was especially touched by artist Margaret Kilgallen an artist I had never heard of, who without my even knowing has influenced my work in so many ways. Her life was cut short by cancer, but she shared herself with the world in a profound way while she was here.

Now that I have seen the film, I am adding the book that also chronicles the artists to my wish list. Hopefully, I don't have to get sick again to make the time to read it!

In reverse order I have read and re-read the book 'Handmade Nation' and finally took the time to watch the film made in conjunction with the book. The film is available to rent on Amazon for a mere $1.99 for a week's access. Not even knowing it was possible to 'rent' from Amazon, I found that to be great value for money.

'Handmade Nation' explores the DIY crafting community that grew out of the same punk movement that inspired 'Beautiful Losers'. More about crafting as a way to make a living, than crafting for the sake of craft this film showcases a number of successful artists who have made a lifestyle into a living.

Even if you aren't in need of a little inspiration these are both must see films. If you happen to be a 40ish post punk wanna be artist 'Beautiful Losers' will take you back to your glory days and make you wonder what ever happened to that kid in high school with the mohawk who drew comics for
 'Thrasher Magazine' could he be the one that came up with that VW ad you like so much?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Younger

When does it happen?
When do they shift away from you?
I wish I had known it was going to happen with the older girls.
They are gone. Their own people. Their own issues.
The younger two trust and believe. The older two question and doubt.
When it is just the younger two at home, I am all knowing.
When an older girl appears, I suddenly loose all credibility and life experience.
I am old and stupid.
When the younger two are at home there is squabbling and shoving.
When an older sister appears there is yelling and blame.
I hear they will shift back,
that gravity brings them home.
Once again I will be believed.
Once again I will hold them close.
When we are all older and wiser.

The Older