Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Few Things to Get You in the Mood!

12/19 snow - tree/light series, originally uploaded by karma1221.

With all of the snow on the ground who isn't in the Christmas spirit? I am so excited to have one of my only white Christmases ever. Even if your holiday doesn't involve snow--scroll on and get in the mood for the big day!

Joyous Peaceful Noel

Joyous Peaceful Noel, originally uploaded by The Dolly Mama.

It's Christmas Eve!

it's christmas eve, originally uploaded by SpacePotato.

Don't forget to leave a few goodies out for the big guy and his furry friends!

Take Just a Moment Today and Prepare

or cake?, originally uploaded by penwren.

I love the days before and after Christmas almost more than the day itself. The hurried secret activities that populate Christmas eve are full of excitement and apprehension. The day after is like a good nap after a rich meal. There is a sense of a job well done, an excuse to rest while feeling satisfied.
So today, on this busiest of days, don't forget to take a moment and breathe in the holiday. Take a moment of quiet contemplation and prepare for the madness of the day tomorrow. Then, jump in and revel in the festivities!

Waiting with baited breath for the.......

25 painted, originally uploaded by penwren.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


SantaCane01a, originally uploaded by aquarelle788.

I stumbled on this artist and wanted to share her work with you. I love her whimsical eye and mixed media approach.

We have been doing a lot of this at our house.

winter03, originally uploaded by aquarelle788.

For some reason, sledding always ends up in tears for Jane.
She just came in from the third day of sledding screaming and crying in tears. Is it the holidays? Or exhaustion? Or her sisters coming home from college? I wish I knew. I want sledding minus tears!

Happy Tuesday before Christmas!

joy01, originally uploaded by aquarelle788.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Living Room

Living Room, originally uploaded by Alyn Carlson.

all I can say is "Envy", I know it's wrong but I can't help myself.

Cozy bedside

Cozy bedside, originally uploaded by Alyn Carlson.

You get to be in this bed and then you look over to the window and you see.....

Carved wooden birds from Roanne


Headless Barbie Wreathe

Headless Barbie Wreathe, originally uploaded by Alyn Carlson.

Just a festive idea. Thanks Alyn Carlson!

Just the begining

Just the begining, originally uploaded by Libby's World.
This was about six hours ago and it has done nothing but snow since! We LOVE it! we have been walking and sleding and drinking and cooking and oh yeah, hanging curtains. The only bummer is the holiday parties we are snowed in from! I guess we just have to have our own. Phase 10 anyone?

Friday, December 18, 2009


My Latest Acquisition, originally uploaded by blamstur.

As I blog today I am feeling very scattered. I like to sit down with a focus in mind. Something I want to share, or something I am feeling inspired by. Today I am fighting "monkey mind" I am all over. I am wandering through travel photos and christmas photos and thinking "I really need to get the car inspected, go to Lowe's, hang my curtains, check my e-mail, Christmas shop and address my cards" . I am trying to think of all of those thoughts coming together beautifully in my brain the way the colors come together in a witching ball. As I am obsessed in a good way with these beautiful glass balls that I have hunted down across the world, I need to obesess about my to do list in a good way. Look at it, notice each thing/color for the beauty it holds and appreciate the fact that I have the ability to do/look at, it. I don't know if that makes sense. Maybe it is the impending storm, but I don't really mind! I'm off to get my car inspected and buy bread and milk on the way to Lowe's!


Spirals, originally uploaded by jciv.

Who isn't obsessed with the shape of a spiral? I could look at and draw them forever.

Little Monks Taking Their Lunch

Little Monks Taking Their Lunch, originally uploaded by suninkaz.

Why can't my children eat like this? Where did I go wrong? Should I have shaved their heads and convinced them they were monks at an early age? If I HAD sent them to live as monks they may have come back quiet, well behaved girls. Is it too late? They do look good in orange.

Can you Candy Cane?

Sweetness, originally uploaded by AmySmiffy.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Something to get you in the mood

bookshelf.jpg, originally uploaded by e lisa.

The holiday mood that is! How organized is this bookshelf? I also have tree envy. I will post pictures of ours soon and you will see why.

Thanks to e lisa for sharing her home on flickr!

What is it about a map?

dining.jpg, originally uploaded by e lisa.

I love a pop of red!

couch.jpg, originally uploaded by e lisa.

Wallpaper envy

Hall, originally uploaded by frillie designs.

I love, love, love this color combo and the wallpaper. I would love to do one wall in a funky audacious paper!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Moving Break is Over!

This is a quick pic of Jim and I in Northern Virginia. It is a little colder here than in Goldsboro!
No, I wish I could take credidt for these fab snow people, but they are the work of my English alter ego, snailtrail. I am left to wonder if since snailtrail specializes in vintage camper hire if the snow couple could possibly be standing outside of an airstream? Hmmmm......


Public Service Announcement, originally uploaded by marusica.

Here is a new interest I have, I love Marusica's home. I am going to tease you with this peek onto the shelves and share more later. Look in the upper left hand corner of the photo--triominos anyone?

the obsession continues

Sunny Morning, originally uploaded by TheVintageCabin.

At the end of the day, I just want to stop by the vintage cabin and crawl in here for a long winter's nap.