Friday, January 14, 2011

I LOVE this idea!

thrifted painting after, originally uploaded by diane reeves.
Check out Diane's creative how to here.

I would love to invite these chairs to dinner, I would definitely give them the head of the table.

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I have been looking for some inspiration. It is the middle of winter. My studio is in the deep freeze. My skin is pasty and my hair is dry. It has come to my attention that we have two more kids to put through college and if I don't become a bankrobber I need to find a way to bring in some extra income. I may have to get a "real" job. This may mean giving up my crafting time and going back to school to take something other than art classes. Then, as I was trolling Flickr this morning for blog foder, I discovered Rachel Denbow and her blog Smile and Wave and she has made me question my re-entry to the real world. I love living in an artsy/craftsy land of possibility. I love paint and ink and glitter and fabric and my soldering iron and, well you get the idea. Thank you for your inspiration Rachel. Now, if you will excuse my I have carpet to rip up and wooden stairs waiting to be uncovered!
The Odd Couple, originally uploaded by Smile And Wave.

This is one way to get Jane focused on the West coast. I love this vintage puzzle. I am on the hunt for similar items for her classroom themed bedroom makeover.

Where We Used To Live, originally uploaded by Smile And Wave.

Great lighting, fabulous worn in textiles, I couldn't ask for more.

We Built A Fort, originally uploaded by Smile And Wave.

I just want to crawl in here and wait out the winter.

Project ReStyle: After, originally uploaded by Smile And Wave.

I wish I were this ready for Valentine's Day!

As I am prepping to re-do (or just DO) Jane's room, I am wondering if I can manage to paint a similar portrait of her to grace her space.

, originally uploaded by uydurrukcu.

This just screams January.

, originally uploaded by uydurrukcu.