Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Graffiti Artist?

poppy%20close, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

No - I am not out tagging by moonlight. I was asked to paint a chair and side table for the arts council MONTHS ago and of course I managed to put it of until the week I am moving.

I have been toying with ideas of what to do with this chair. It will eventually be auctioned off and placed somewhere around town (like the cow thing in NY a few years back). I had a million fabulous ideas but in the end it came down to having lots of spray paint to get rid of. The movers can't pack paint and I hate to let anything go to waste. Behold---the spray painted poppy chair!

Starting bid is?

poppy%20set, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

The back side was not forgotten.

poppy%20back, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

The side table

poppy%20table, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

The Set

poppy%20side, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

All in all I had a good morning waiting for the movers and praying it wouldn't rain. I should have done this months ago, but it's done now and as we all know - a little procrastination never hurt anyone!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Seperated at Birth?

WTJ2: Shower Time, originally uploaded by Lost Star.

OK, Lost Star, I think you may be me, two of my favorite things in this photo and one more below confirm it. Wreck this journal is a fabulous excercise book that gets you to do things like literally take it in the shower with you or draw a picture with coffee or chewing gum. And look what is parked right next to the book. Could that be LUSH? Be still my heart!!


Stabilo, originally uploaded by Lost Star.
These are my favorite pens in the world! When we lived in Germany, they sold them at the Spar (like a 7-11) in our village. One year for my birthday the girls got me every color of the rainbow. Seven years later some of them are still going strong! Who knew I had a fellow fan on Flickr!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

vibrant hues

vibrant hues, originally uploaded by On Bradstreet {Amy}.
Welcome to Bradstreet! For a rollicking good time check out Amy's blog at  I have loved peeking around her house on flickr and she was kind enough to share her photos with us. I love the way she uses color and revamped items to create a one of a kind home for her family. Take a peek inside and don't forget to visit Amy at her blog!

getting ready for the yard sale

When, where, and how much? Did I miss it?

evening sun

evening sun, originally uploaded by On Bradstreet {Amy}.
There is another view of this room below but I couldn't resist showing it from this angle as well. When is dinner?

inch by inch

inch by inch, originally uploaded by On Bradstreet {Amy}.
Just think we are moving into a home where we may actually be able to stay long enough to do this!


comforts, originally uploaded by On Bradstreet {Amy}.
I want to curl up like a cat in the sun on this couch. I love tables that are a little higher like this as a coffee table. They are great for entertaining and can be more of a gathering place for games and snacks than a lower table. I love the mix of pillows, if only my dogs wouldn't think they were beds we would be set!

Amy's eclectic dining room

I love that Amy has chosen what must be the same green for her dining room as we have in ours! I am coveting the orange chairs! In the new house the dining room is very open and I am having fun toying with new color ideas but seeing this photo makes me mourn my green dining room prematurely!

Does that pillow look familiar?

fire, originally uploaded by Posy!.

I have found my new winter time hangout. Along with the winter version of my oilcloth Union Jack pillows. You all know I can't resist a twinkle light or a really funky Virgin Mary and I have found everything I need here. It is interesting to compare this to the pared down version of the same room below. I like it dolled up, but the cozy toes in the version below help to bring me right into the room!


Heaven, originally uploaded by Posy!.

I could curl up all day here. I am pretending those are my feet and the books in the bookcase are all waiting to be read by me.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's No Vintage Cabin but it's Mine (for the next week)

Front of house, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

Several of you have asked when I am going to post my house on the blog. I took these pictures when we were getting ready to sell the house. I know many of you have seen them on facebook (shameless self promotion is my specialty) but for those of you who have asked, here is my lair.

Come On In!

I Wish I Could Play That Piano!

Living room, originally uploaded by Libby's World.
Here is our living room. I love to sit in here and read. I would love to say I spend hours playing the piano, but that would be Sarah not me.

I Just Love This Corner

Living room corner, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

Homework Central

Dining room, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

Here is another big living space. This was my studio for awhile but it is nice to have it back as a dining/study room.

Just Call Me Julia

Here is the feeding station. My favorite part is the small chalkboard next to the fridge where the girl's friends have all left messages over the last couple of years. I am going to take a photo of it and have it framed for the new house.

Hangin' Out

This is where we spend most of our time hanging out. Unless of course I am hiding from the kids in my bedroom. I'd be lying if I said I didn't on occasion have the need to escape the madness!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Vintage Cabin

Our House, originally uploaded by TheVintageCabin.
You may have noticed my obession with my latest flickr find "The Vintage CAbin" I wanted to give her a chance to introduce herself, so here are her own words that I poached from her flickr profile. I am hoping to let her know I have been blogging about her house for days but I am afraid she really will think I am a stalker! I don't think she has to worry about that because as far as I know I am not planning on going anywhere near "The Sticks, Canada" which is where she lives anytime soon. Oh, and check out her etsy store at . Now without further ado meet "The Vintage Cabin"

Thrift stores, rummage sales, French Bulldogs, Mid Century design & decor, minimal but modest decor, turquoise, chartreuse, souvenir mugs and glasses, old cars, old mannequins, creepy dolls and all things strange.
That's what I like.

chest of no hope

chest of no hope, originally uploaded by TheVintageCabin.

What a great way to display quilts! I have several graphic Amish style quilts I have made over the years but never really like to see them hanging on the wall. Just a little too Country Living circa 1994 for me thank you very much! I have a lawyers bookcase similar to this one so I just might try it.

I guess I will have to replace the bottom pane of glass on mine where a very large puppy (BusterJack) slid across the floor and crashed into it. I think it will be worth ith though!


Geographicalousness, originally uploaded by TheVintageCabin.

Well, who know my new buddy TVC is also a Dwell subscriber! Look to the bottom right for confirmation!

Impromtu Gallery

Laundry & Washroom, originally uploaded by TheVintageCabin.

I love this. Rotate the reading and artwork for everyone's enjoyment. My obsession with "The Vintage Cabin" continues.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

Plastic Poppys, originally uploaded by alistair_uk.

I always miss being in England at this time of year. I miss Bonfire night, I miss the smell of woodsmoke, I miss the gloom of the shortened days, but one thing I really miss are the red poppies that beak up that gloom.
Rememberance day is a holiday everyone in England is aware of. It seems that everywhere you look, old grandmothers and playschoolers alike are sporting red poppies on their lapels. I'm not sure why we don't give Veteran's day the same reverence here. Maybe it's because America in general was not impacted in the same way by WWII as England was. I could go on and on about these theories of mine but I fear I may lose your interest dear blog reader. I love comparing my actual homeland with my adopted homeland but I realize everyone doesn't share my fascination!
So I what I will share is why Veteran's day is important to me. Both of my Grandfathers were WWII veterans, my husband is a veteran and his father is a veteran. I think of all of the men and women who are in harm's way at this very moment who have earned the right to share that title and I wish it were for a cause as noble as WWII.
My Brisitsh friend Lisa once said to me that she thinks of the Poppy as a sad flower. I see it as a symbol of hope. Poppies can and do grow everywhere in England. They are huge, they are tough and they survive. The poppy is the state flower of my home state of California. They brighten the grey rivers of asphalt highways they grow along. They are happy surviviors.
So on this day, take a moment to consider all of the men and women who have given so much. Think of a small island country full of poppies and what they went through and survived not so long ago. And know that in our own way, we are all survivors.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nell the camper

I'm in LOVE!!!

Nell's Cushions

Inside the bus.

Nell's Pumpkins

It's just toooo perfect. If you were here you would be seeing me drool!

Pumpkin Passion

Constance Classic Caravan Interior

OK this is freaky! My love for Airstreams meets my love for my spiritual home of Snailwell, England. This photo is thanks to May I have one please?

Vintage Cabin's Kitchen

Kitchen June 2009, originally uploaded by TheVintageCabin.

You just can't beat checked floor. This reminds me of the one I talked Jim into painting onto our laundry room floor in England. That one was on point though. I wonder if the kitchen in the new house would like to sport a new look?

I thought the other corner was fab!

Office June 2009, originally uploaded by TheVintageCabin.

If there is one thing I like more than fake people, it is letters of any kind or shape (the curse of being a graphic design major/dropout-- unfinished business) but especially in red. I think I may be becoming a stalker!

The Vintage Cabin strikes again!

Office June 2009, originally uploaded by TheVintageCabin.

I am about to become obsessed with The Vintage cabin! I am so happy I am not the only person who likes and names inanimate people/ I love how her guy Henri in the corner looks like my old Ken doll with a new head! I think my Grandma Wilma had those chairs in her living room when I was a kid. I can just see the kidney shaped side table holding a smoking cigarette and cocktail next to them! Remeber kids--don't smoke (although my grandma Wilma is alive and kicking in her 90's now) it WILL kill you!

Color Chaos

Color Chaos, originally uploaded by TheVintageCabin.

This living room is thanks to The Vintage Cabin on Flickr. I LOVE the use of color here and anyone who knows me knows I never met a matchstick blind I didn't like. Even as a little girl I would fantasize about an apartment with wooden floors Turkish Carpets (although I didn't know that's what they were at the time-I just wanted them) and orange crate furniture. I think if this were my house I would have gone overboard and clashed the wall with a purple or orange sofa. Yikes!