Monday, August 31, 2009

Too scared to scoot!

Red Scooter, originally uploaded by PDPhotography.

I loved having a scooter in college and often yearn for the zippy freedom and low gas mileage that those days held. However after stopping to assist in a scooter vs. road accident yesterday I think I may put the scooter fantasy on the back burner.

Driving down the street in my not so zippy red van I happened upon an man and his scooter sprawled out in the middle of the road. While another car had already stopped they didn't have a cell phone and seemed to be in a state of panic. I donned my super hero cape--jumped out of the car--called 911 and held the man's hand until help arrived.

I realized my dreams of a red vespa instead of a red van were one blown front tire away from it being me sprawled out on the concrete. I think I will re-think the scooter thing. I might be wimpy but I will be intact!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Love Jeff Lewis

I was so wrapped up in old episodes of flipping out that I almost burned the bread I am making for church tomorrow! If Jim doesn't find a job I wonder if I could work for Jeff Lewis? I have a pretty thick skin--I mean my husband is from Long Island, how much worse could it get?

upstairs, downstairs

I am thrilled that Maggie is allowing me to use her room in her absence! Not only have I double the square feet of my studio and gained a great view of the neighborhood (just call me Mrs. Cravitz) but I get an added workout everyday running up and down the stairs. After my summer of sin I will still have to put in my gym time to undo my holiday damage but my new bi-level studio status may just make it a little easier.

let there be light

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I can see my fabric!

crash pad

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back from hiatus

After a summer of galavanting I am finally home! It has never felt so good to have my feet firmly back on North Carolina soil. I could however do without the NC humidity! If you scroll down you will see some yet to be edited photos of our worlwind tour of the Pacific Northwest. Yes, that is Edward Cullen-he tagged along as we are such a glamorous fun group of girls.

Elizabeth and I are gearing up for our mid-September trunk show. I feel as if I am playing catch up for a summer spent outside. I am trying to bring all of the ideas that have thundered through my brain in the past couple of months to fruition. This has been made a little easier as I have moved the sewing sweat shop upstairs to Maggie's bedroom now that she is away at school. She however doesn't know this yet so I will have to let you know how that goes. I am headed up there now to finish a couple of aprons and bring a monster to life. That is right after I take the dog for a walk! Summer isn't quite over yet!