Monday, August 27, 2012

Coming Soon to a Business Card Near You!

So, not one to let grass grow under my feet, I have decided to take my 22 year military spouse global adventure of home buying, selling and renting experience paired with my love of houses and people and turn it into a business!

Jane is approaching double digits and really doesn't seem to want me around as much (this is bring tears to my eyes as I type. Of joy or sorrow I'm not sure which) and the other three girls are working hard at school, sports and their own post college jobs so I have decided to build something of my own.

We have finally put down post Air Force roots here in Alexandria, VA and I am facing the fact that I am not going to personally get the high of searching for a new home and a brand new experience for my family every three years or so. If I can't continue the moving adventure myself...why not live vicariously through others? Moving has always been an exciting positive experience for me and I would like to help others enjoy the process of moving and finding a home as much as I have over the years, so what better career than real estate?

I will be able to apply my creative side to a brand new world! The possibilities are endless and my moving adventure can continue without ever having to unpack a box of my own!

Where Has the Time Gone?

Thanks to those of you who have not given up on me! I can't believe it has been the better part of a year since my last post. A lot has gone on in that year! Most of you know that for the past two years or so I have been involved in the all consuming sport of Roller Derby. While I loved the sport and the women it brought into my life, it became a little too consuming for a mother of four who needs time with her family and likes to do things like eat dinner with her family and attend her kid's sporting events so sadly earlier this summer I made the difficult decision to hang up my skates.

As sad as that was for me, I will now be able to spend time with my family and friends. Oh yeah, and my blog! While my blog has always been mostly visual, I am going to challenge myself to do more writing. One of the things I gave up when I started skating was my spot in a women's creative writing group. So I am going to challenge myself to write more here. So please bear with me! I will still include loads of photos but with the advent of Pinterest (if you haven't gone go now!) I am thinking this may be more of a 'print place'. Let me know what you think!