Monday, April 26, 2010

Is this Heaven?

Daisy and Daffodil

Spring has Sprung


The French Apartment

French market, originally uploaded by Libby's World.
Here is my partner in crime, Anne Marie. She is stealing these pillows from our new friend Cathleen who owns the adorable shop 'The French Apartment'. You may think I am kidding when I say AM stole the pillows. I'm not. Kathleen was giving things away. Check out her shop the next time you are in Georgetown!


French market, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

What is a French market without French pastries? I must say, as good as I have been being lately in my food consumption, I still had to partake!

My New French Friend

We had a great day with loads of finds. I don't know if it was because we got there early or we just had good luck, but I will be there next year with bells on!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I Heart Laksaware!

I Heart Laksaware!, originally uploaded by Trisha Brink Design.
I found these on flickr. The photos were uploaded by Trisha Brink Design but as far as I can tell she purchased them at laksaware on etsy. Check them out. What a great housewarming gift! Or maybe just give yourself a little something.

It's a Beautiful day

GO OUTSIDE, originally uploaded by Trisha Brink Design.

Go outside!

What a sweet room!

I love that this was designed for a tomboy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At Last

deluxe, originally uploaded by marusica.

I think the last time I managed a blog post my computer looked like this! Sorry to everyone waiting to be interviewed and to those of you waiting to read said interviews. I am back in the saddle! I don't quite know how I get so derailed when all of the kids are home. I'm blaming it on them, really it was the glorious weather. After the arctic winter we had, I had 4567 projects to work on outside. I guess I should just take my computer outside and set up shop in the back yard.

But then who would prune my juniper bushes?