Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help for Haiti

After trying to make a donationd via the Red Cross website and having a hard time getting through as the site is so busy, I found an easier way to make a donation here the White Houses Twitter site. You can make a $10.00 donation to the Red Cross just by texting the word Haiti to 90999 it will be added to your phone bill. After you send the text you will receive a response that asks you to text "Yes" to confirm your donation or "Help" if you need help. Luckily, if you are reading this you are probably not in need of help. If you do know anyone who has family or friends that have been affected by the earthquake this may be valuable information so please pass it along.

If you are on Twitter please go to the link above and "retweet" the link to donate. Think about adding this link to your facebook page or blog if you have one. The average Haitian lives on $2.00 a day so any monetary donation is appreciated.

Please keep the Haitian people in your thoughts and prayers. If you know of any other ways to help please leave the information in a comment on this post and I will make sure it is passed along to all Libby' World readers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

organic, hot and "free"

organic, hot and "free", originally uploaded by penwren.

Today's post is thanks to a flickr contact called Penwren. I am trying to track down more information about this elusive Brit. I would love to do an interview. Penwren hails from Brighton, Sussex in the UK. Why is it all of the flickr people I stumble upon and fall in love with seem to be English? Am I really that homesick for my beloved Snailwell?
Penwren has a great sense of color and a wonderful sense of humor as you can tell from this snap.

Thanks Penwren for the much needed color inspiration! If by some chance you are reading this please get in contact so my readers can find out more about you!

I love these soft colors.

cheep, originally uploaded by penwren.

They are so subltle, so quiet. I think that I want to bring these colors into my home in bigger doses hoping those qualities will rub off on my family and myself. When I try, they get lost in fray. I just have to appreciate them in other's homes and photos and stick with what calls to me.....

Getting warmer!

That's more like it!

arc, originally uploaded by penwren.

Orange, red, yellow, brown.....I can't fight it!


sentinel, originally uploaded by penwren.

I Love these colors. They give off heat, I am drawn to them like a moth. I try and try to deviate but they always lure me back.

I love these colors

April afternoon, originally uploaded by penwren.

I so wanted to use more purples, blues and pinks when painting our home this time. However after a few paint swatches went up on the wall I realized I need to use them in small doses to punch up the oranges, reds and yellows I love so much. Yet, when I look at this photo.....

color inspiration

Today needed some colour, originally uploaded by penwren.

I love the punch of green with all of these different oranges.

point of view

point of view, originally uploaded by penwren.

I love the possibility of a freshly sharpened pencil. It is similar to a freshly painted room, you can consider all of the images to be created and lived waiting to emerge.

kiwis can fly, originally uploaded by penwren.

When I feel overwhelmed with all of this painting and moving, I dream about loading everyone up and heading down to New Zealand to visit our friends Claire and Gerard (yes, C & G that is a threat!) . The adventure of a land unvisited calls to me. Besides, it is summer there now!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


motherhood, originally uploaded by fede shop.

You all know by now this has become my motto over the past six months. I love that 'fede shop' on flicker used the caption "Motherhood" in association with this photo. I find it seems to apply to so many situations! By the way, I am now stalking 'fede shop' on flickr. You should check them out! It's summer in Austrailia, which is where they live and I think we could all use a little warm up right about now!

Love the Green!

kitchen Sept 09, originally uploaded by fede shop.

Pink Clock

Pink Clock, originally uploaded by deardaisycottage.

And I gave Jane my ugly old digital alarm clock. Any mother worth her salt would have hunted down a cute little number like this!

Yellow Painted Chandelier

And I thought my turquoise one was cool!

Bye Bye Mirrors..

Bye Bye Mirrors.., originally uploaded by deardaisycottage.

I'm not sure what I like the best about this, the boots or the fact that there is a big "E" for Elizabeth in the lower right hand corner!