Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bookstore Ballyhoo

Here are some books worth lusting after! I am personally waiting for 'Alabama Stitch Style' to show up in the mail.

 I was at a big box bookstore the other day searching for the latest copy of 'Artful Blogging' magazine when I came upon 'Alabama Stitch Style'. It called to me, I sat and looked at the images it contained for a half an hour in the bookstore coffee shop. The best part--all of the patterns are contained in the back of the book, so the projects inside actually seemed feasible.

I had to have it, but the price tag exceeded my budget. I sat down, pulled out my Blackberry and went to I found the book for much less than the cover price, ordered it and am sitting here now happily waiting for it. I felt a little guilty about this covert bookstore activity, but I did purchase 'Artful Blogging' on that visit, and a cup of coffee to sip while doing my browsing. I think everybody came out a winner in the end.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tiny little guys

Tiny little guys, originally uploaded by Libby's World.
These little guys great each morning just like I do...looking out the window to see what the day will bring. Glorious sun...thunderous rain..or lately, fluffy snow. Whatever the weather, these tiny guys know just like I do that longer days are right around the corner.

If you would like a few miniature terrariums of your own to help you keep an eye on the weather, you can get yours where I got mine at one of my favorite etsy shops Tortoise Loves Donkey, go check it out!

At last

At last, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

I've been waiting for some tulips for a LONG time now. And here they are! Thank you so much Trader Joe's for making my springtime fantasy come true.

My View on Things

Well, as if Jersey Shore needed anymore press! They dropped by 'The View' today and seemed to stay for a VERY long time. Let me just be clear that I was having a sick day today. Grace and I decided to share a little tummy bug so my patience level was LOW. I just don't understand why the show gave them so much time. I've heard it over and over on every show that will let them on! Anyway, Ricky Gervais was worth tuning in for. He was funny and self deprecating as always, I would have loved to see him get the camera time that Jersey Shore got.

Does anyone out there watch Jersey Shore? Most of you know, I am a reality show junky but I just don't get this one. Let me know if I really am missing something. Rose, Jack, Eddie? Comments, opinions?

I can't wait to see 'The View' tomorrow. The OCTOMOM is on and you all know how I feel about that!

*diclaimer---I am a 'View' brand ambassador and will be receiving View branded merchandise for my participation in this program.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Here is my 'View'

I have heard that some of you are a little confused by why I am talking about 'The View' all of a sudden. I was one of a number of bloggers selected to be a brand ambassador for the ABC daytime show 'The View'. If you are unfamiliar with the show, I will quickly fill you in. It was started by Barbara Walters as a show where a panel of female hosts could come together to discuss current events or 'Hot Topics' as they call them on the show. Over the years the hosts have come and gone but the basic format of the show remains the same. For the first 15 minutes or so the women talk about things going on in the news or their lives and share their opinions, or fight depending on what kind of show it is! Then various guests come on the show and chat, or there may be a cooking or health segment, a dog or even a fashion show. 'The View' airs weekdays at 11:00am on ABC.

How do I fit into all of this? In order to spread the word about the show. Bloggers were chosen to watch the show and then chat about it on their blogs. I watched the show everyday when we lived in England as it came on a day late but at 7:00am so I could drink my coffee, watch 'The View' give a shout at the TV or cheer the ladies on and then get the kids off to school. I really enjoy the show and am happy to be an ambassador for them. SO....I will be chatting a few times a week for the next month or so about what was on 'The View' on certain days. I ask you dear readers to join in with the discussion, even if you haven't seen the show but have an opinion on the topic at hand, leave a comment! Be heard...and if you can take a little time to enjoy 'The View'

*disclaimer--I am an ambassador for 'The View' and will receive View branded merchandise for participating in 'The View' ambassador program.

Look at all of these adorable tote bags!

tote bag : groovy, originally uploaded by Saídos da Concha.
I discovered Saidos da Concha on flickr. She has an Etsy shop which is currently closed due to her move from Portugal to the UK. You can however visit her beautiful blog over at


It's Reversible!

tote bags : in a row

tote bags : in a row, originally uploaded by Saídos da Concha.

Her country kitchen

my country kitchen, originally uploaded by Saídos da Concha.
This kitchen reminds me so much of Cath Kidston. I discovered this fellow blogger on flickr. She has moved to the UK from Portugal and what a beautiful home she has made.


wellies, originally uploaded by Saídos da Concha.

Thank goodness we need wellies instead of snow boots today!

I am dying to know where I can get one of these prints!

corner of dining room, originally uploaded by Saídos da Concha.

This is the only kind of snowman I hope to see in the near future!

Sexy Snowman, originally uploaded by Georgie_grrl.


iPhone Capture: Tulips, originally uploaded by AntiochBelle.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hatching, originally uploaded by kitschcafe.

This is how I feel after breaking out of the snow!!!! Kischcafe uploaded these cuties on flickr. They are salt and pepper shakers!

Victoria Beckham visits Libby's World via "The View"

Victoria Beckham, originally uploaded by iamtracycheung1314.

More of my "View" on things

I must admit, I have forgotten how much I enjoy "The View". Where else can I discover that Victoria Beckham is a really engaging relaxed person, not the nervous, uptight skinny girl I see in magazines? Check her out here. I discovered two movies I have to see.... "The Hurt Locker" and "An Education". I had heard of both of these movies but knew nothing about them. Thanks to 30 seconds of chat on The View, I'm in the know!
After enjoying Avatar last weekend with my family, I found out why I liked it so much. Anti-cooperation not anti-military. That is what View guest James Cameron says and I for one believe him. It was also really cool to hear about how they captured the actors performances to enhance with animation.

It's not all perfect. I cringe as notoriously skinny Posh spice tells us that designers shouldn't use super thin models on the runway--what? Has she looked in a mirror lately? I am however very impressed by her new clothing line they showed a few peeks of and I am in love with her sideways teardrop neckline on the red dress that she wore on the show. Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Hudson were also shown wearing her designs and they looked normal sized and beautiful.

I enjoyed the feeling of sitting around with friends and chatting. Yes, I do talk to the TV. Anywhere I can weigh in on American Idol....I'm there.

disclaimer: I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other The View branded items to facilitate my review.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Take A Little Time to Enjoy "The View"

This post will be a little more verbose than usual but bear with me! I have been chosen to be an ambassador for ABC's The View. I'll be honest, I was a little surprised to be selected. In the past, I have been an avid "View" watcher. I started watching when it first premiered and my girls were babies at home.

 I remember when Debbie Matenopoulos and Barbara Walters had their infamous falling out (more on my up close and personal Debbie Matenopoulos experience later) I remember when Rosie and Elisabeth had their knock down drag out. I watched Elisabeth on Survivor Australia. I have been there since the beginning with a few breaks along the way. Every morning in England (they came on at 7:00am there, only a day late) I had my coffee with the ladies. I laughed, I cried, I agreed, I disagreed but they helped keep me in touch with the good ole U.S. of A while I was living abroad. I love Whoopie. I'm getting to know Sherri and she is hilarious. I love Joy and wish I had time to watch her new show. I grew up Barbara Walters specials and can't imagine Oscar night without one!

All in all this is one opinionated outspoken group of ladies and now that I can call watching them "homework" I have no reason not to indulge, so for the next four weeks look for updates from the show and my humble opinions and reactions to what goes on at the table with the women of the "The View".

As promised I will fill you in on my Debbie Matenopoulos experience. Not all View watchers even remember Debbie but she was one of the original cast members. She also happened to be one of my brothers platonic housemates in Hollywood about a decade ago. On a visit to my brother, I had the opportunity to meet Debbie and was instructed by my brother to "under no circumstance bring up Barbara Walters" I did as instructed and enjoyed spending some quality time with Debbie helping her pick out an outfit for an "80's" party she was going to. Boy do I feel old.

All that being said have a great day and "Take a little time to enjoy The View"


*I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other "The View" branded items to facilitate my review.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Oink!, originally uploaded by christyberkhouse.

How adorable are these cupcakes? One of my flickr contacts christyberkhouse made them for her daughters Charlotte's Web Fair at her school. Poor Jane would probably be sent in with a tupperware full of spiderwebs I managed to pull down off the ceiling the morning of the fair! I am motivated by this momma's devotion!

This was almost the last anyone would have seen of me.

But thank goodness Fairfax county public schools came to their senses! And....

Hi Ho...Hi Ho...It's off to school they go!

365-47, originally uploaded by fede shop.

And guess where Momma's going today??!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Prison bars or icicles?

IMG_6976, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

Two days. That is the number of school days my girls have had in February. Home schoolers and unschoolers, I don't know how you do it...I am obviously made of weaker stock. I realize how much "alone time" I need as a person when I am trapped in a house with my family for a week.

I used to have this fantasy of being snowed in and using the time to read all of the books in the pile next to my bed. I dreamed of finishing knitting projects left unattended for months on end. I was swept away by visions of new recipes to try and movies to watch. I now know, this is only a dream. A dream where I don't scream at my family for breathing too loudly. A dream where wet, snowy, sweaty, stinky clothes don't cover every inch of floor space in the family room. A dream that I have abandoned, never to be fulfilled.

Maybe if I got the flu I could get some "alone time"?


IMG_6983, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

Jim claims Jane and I made a "snow Liz". While I can see the similarities I don't think I look quite that good in an apron! I'm glad our girl enjoyed one day of glamourous splendor before round two of the blizzard hit, as after that she lost all of her cache!

Ok. She put on a few pounds.

IMG_6984, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

but you would too if you were trapped in a snowstorm and made of ice! At least she is still rocking her red cowboy boots! Just think how easy it will be for her to loose the weight when the sun comes out! Bikini weather ahead!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

How Many Snow Days Can One Mom Take???

P1010184, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

I should settle in and knit.

IMG_6968, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

I long for days with nothing to do but knit one, purl two. I have realized snow days are not those house is full of people looking for things to do or needing help with projects they are already working on. Dogs want to be walked. Kids want to sled, then eat, then sled, then eat, then fight. Even Jim needs to be entertained. I just want to knit...


Knit one?, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

Yes, I really should be knitting as Jane has been posing as the one and only fingerless gloved Michael Jackson of Waynewood Blvd. The sadness in those eyes kills me. I can't wait for this kid to win her Oscar!

But how can I knit when this is what lurks in my kitchen sink?

IMG_6972, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

No this is not staged. Grace made cookies during the Superbowl last night and I left the dinner dishes to cheer on the Saints before dragging myself upstairs for a post Superbowl slumber.

The dishes even extend to the family room.

IMG_6965, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

Breakfast anyone?

Puppy love

Puppy love, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

In the end, I guess I just need to take a hint from Henry and Mac. Just give in, cuddle up, relax and enjoy the snow. On second thought, I think I'll go paint my bedroom!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Military Martha Says It's Soup Weather!

P1010185, originally uploaded by Libby's World.
Our area was just hit with a blizzard of epic proportion. Just before the first flakes started falling I was over on my friend Military Martha's blog. She had a great post about soup that had me at the stove in a matter of minutes throwing together a batch of potato cheese soup. There is nothing like coming in from slogging through two feet of snow to a hot pot of soup! It doesn't take much, just go to your cabinets and fridge and grab anything that sounds like it might go together. Start slicing and dicing and throw it in a pot with water or broth. Knorr vegetable cubes add a great flavor as do onions, garlic, fennel or anything you fancy. Let your concoction simmer 'till tender and then throw in some rice, barley or pasta. Season to taste and ENJOY!
So many soups, so little time.

Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup, originally uploaded by bananagranola.

French onion soup

French onion soup, originally uploaded by ilmungo.

Chopstix Wonton Ramen

Chopstix Wonton Ramen, originally uploaded by disneymike.

So..When the weather looks like this...

P1010182, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

Curl up with a good book and a hot mug of soup and settle in for the long haul.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


New Studio , originally uploaded by johnny&stacie.

I have been trolling the etsy studios group, looking at and lusting after everyone's studios. Mine is still in flux (I like description better than the reality which is complete disaray). Right now it is a cold unheated room full of junk. In a couple of weeks it will be the warm bustling home of Libby's World. Follow my progress here..... for a start I will share a few of my inspirations.

Coming soon to a studio near me...

Folded, originally uploaded by kitschcafe.

It's clean, it's organized and it's NOT mine!!!

THUIS04-PRESENT WORK STUDIO, originally uploaded by edartr.

Bookshelves...What a concept.

The BookShelf , originally uploaded by AlpineGypsy.


My Studio, originally uploaded by AlpineGypsy.

Sadly, this is my current reality!

IMG00047-20100202-1003.jpg, originally uploaded by Libby's World.
The last room to be dealt with after the move is my studio (which I share with Jim--he has his office and his airplane pictures in there). We have no garage, no basement and no service porch. Everything and I mean everything has ended up in this room. People keep asking me when I am going to start soldering and painting and sewing. Well, my answer is "When I finish turning this hell hole into a studio". It seems to be growing and shifting and changing on a daily basis. I am however, ready to tackle it and I am going to document it here for you dear reader. Nothing like a little public humiliation to make me get my act together!

Is anyone out there a professional organizer?

IMG00048-20100202-1004.jpg, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

Every nook and basket is filled with STUFF!!!

IMG00050-20100202-1006.jpg, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

and more....

IMG00051-20100202-1007.jpg, originally uploaded by Libby's World.

I think I will put all of these photos in a little flip book so when it is all clean, organized and painted I could flip through it and it would look like it happened in NO TIME!!