Friday, July 1, 2011

One Woman's Journey From Minivan to Mini Cooper

After almost 15 years of hauling kids, animals, furniture and other unmentionable items around in a giant minivan, I have finally graduated to a....

Mini Cooper!!! Yes, that's right a car that can only hold four people. Yes, I am crazy and yes, I am happy. There is no room for people to leave food wrappers and milk cartons to go undiscovered until their stench reveals them. There is no video screen to hit my head on, no sliding door to slam and no, I repeat no juice box holders.

But there is a DC Rollergirl sticker on the back window.

1 comment:

Danee said...

You're funny… me, I drive 4 person car as well. Maybe 5 if the person has a skinny butt