Monday, October 31, 2011

Blog Envy

I know it has been too long since I have blogged when I don't even recognize the Blogger website! This just proves the point of my post today...whenever I start to feet like maybe I am getting it together and I am going to have stuff flying out of my empty etsy shop and actually post pictures to flickr and basically get my s&%t together I come across and awesome blog like this
Leigh- Ann of freckled nest has got it going on. Not only does she have an awesome blog but every link I clicked on in her blog took me to another blog from another woman who is hitting it out of the park with a beautiful blog, overflowing Etsy shop, diverse flickr gallery or bypasses all of those sites together and has it all under one roof at her blog! How do these women do it? I am so impressed. They offer classes, cook, hawk their wares, parent, photograph, knit, garden, sew and the list goes on.
My goal today? To get warm from a pre-dawn walk by cleaning my house. Well, maybe it would be easier just to take a warm bath and swiffer a little. Later I may take a picture with my phone of Jane in a no sewing involved Halloween costume and post it on Facebook. What's that put it on my blog? Who would have thought of that?
I need some new goals.

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