Monday, March 14, 2011

Eastern Market Adventure

On Saturday we finally made the pilgrimage to Eastern Market. It's not a journey that should have taken over a year, but somehow it did.

My first glimpse of the place included these flags painted on boards. For those of you who know about my flag obsession you will be happy to know I did not salivate on a single one. Only because the artist wouldn't let me get that close.

The food hall was incredible...Jim and Jane are making a beeline for the bakery at the end.

I of course was drawn to the veggies...

The olives...

And with the promise of Spring in the air, the flowers.

What excited me the most though was the prospect of a hot breakfast with 143 of my closest friends.

Decisions, decisions...I went for the spinach omelet and the green chile cheese grits. Hello!

We finally scored a place at the long, long table and...


From food, we moved onto crafts. How clever are these key holders? I think procuring one may warrant another trip to the hill!

And check out this chiquita, selling purses made out of books!

Even the cars had been crafted.

There is no lack of color in the Capital Hill neighborhood...

Maybe I felt so at home because of all of the pink houses. The one below while slightly is the exact shade of pink that our beloved farmhouse in Snailwell wore. Long live the Manor Farm House!

To answer your question. Yes, I am homesick. Finally making to Easter Market has reminded me that we live in a diverse fun area to explore. I can't wait to take you with me as I finally spread my wings a little and settle into my new (ish) home!

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Cindy at LottieBird said...

I love the pink houses. Whenever I see one (in any shade), I think of you.

Can't wait to see more of your new digs. Make a list for my next visit. Though i am so fondly remembering my last visit that I want to do everything again. Except the rosewater rice pudding. you can have that.