Tuesday, March 15, 2011


If you haven't seen the movie Blindsight, Netflix it NOW. Eric Weinenmayer, a blind mountaineer, who I was lucky enough to hear speak about eight years ago in Germany, leads a group of six blind Tibetan children up to the base camp at Mt. Everest. This is only one of the inspirational stories told in this movie. From Tashi, a young boy sold by his parents to beg on the streets to Kyila, a Tibetan girl who not only has a blind father, but twin blind brothers, Blindsight celebrates the accomplishments of all of the children who climb into the sky. Their fearless leader, Sabriye Tenberken is particularly inspirational. Blind from the age of twelve, she heard the stories of blind children in Tibet, who are treated as pariah. Blind people in Tibet are believed to be paying for the sins of their former lives and therefore shunned in society. Sabriye, left her homeland of Germany to travel alone to Tibet. There she opened a school for Blind children and travelled the countryside alone on horseback looking for blind children to attend her school. The rest as they say is history. Don't miss this life changing film!

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